About me

Warren Parker

Warren Parker

Hello.  I’m Warren Parker.  I care deeply about my faith, my family, agriculture, politics and a few other issues.  I also love to travel with my wife and daughter.  I grew up on a farm in south central Kansas.  I had to leave the farm after college graduation because at the time, it couldn’t support another family.  We kept our land, and now, I manage the farming operation with the family friends that farm it for us.

Away from the farm, I spent ten years in the media, working as a television reporter/photographer at a CBS affiliate station.  I covered the state legislature and three national political conventions (Democrats & Republicans), worked on special projects for CBS News, and hosted a local television feature series.  Following the journalism days, I lobbied on behalf of agriculture in Kansas and Washington, D.C., directed the communications and public relations division for a non-profit agricultural organization, and now direct web development and social media.

I appreciate all kinds of agriculture, and embrace them. However, in my travels to different parts of the world, and seeing complex political and geographical diversities, I have learned there is a need to feed that world, and a safe, modern agriculture that allows our food security, as well as trade with other nations, is required.  I believe in true, science-based solutions, and have little patience for agenda-driven hype and emotion.  I look forward to sharing views.


2 Responses to About me

  1. Hi, nice to meet you !

  2. Hi Warren,
    I just saw an image you posted on Twitter… I’m writing an article about the drought and I would love to use it in the magazine. Please contact me directly: 920.563.1643
    Thanks in advance,
    Jackie Roembke
    Editor, Feed & Grain magazine.

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