Bringing generations together to tell ag’s story

Whew, I’ve been traveling some lately, busy (aren’t we all) and have really neglected the blog.  Sorry about that.  But a recent event is certainly worth sharing, and a real feel-good story for agriculture.

Kansas Farm Bureau annually takes a group of county presidents to Washington, D.C. to give them a dose of relationship building, education, and even a little sightseeing opportunity in our nation’s capital.  Usually a group of KFB board members goes along.  They not only participate in the events, but also help guide the presidents in their own districts around D.C.

One individual this year did something new.  In past years, many presidents and others have brought their children along to give them the experience of D.C., but this year one board member took the next step.  He brought his parents, a child and their spouse, and grandchildren.  Four generations together to meet lawmakers, build relationships, and tell the story of their multigenerational farm and why the industry needs sensible, thought-out actions by lawmakers.  It was to say the least a unique way to clearly show, in one multigenerational voice, the ‘faces’ of agriculture.

This effort was valuable, not only to the lawmakers, but to the other farmers and ranchers attending, because it helped to show the importance of telling the agriculture story.  Oh, and it’s a pretty neat way to bring a family together too!


One Response to Bringing generations together to tell ag’s story

  1. Suzanne says:

    This was a great article! Thanks!

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