AgChat Foundation brings ag family together

I’m old enough to have been to many conferences in my working life, so it’s a little surprising, even to me, to say I just attended the best one ever.

In Chicago this week, a group of about 50 attendees, and 20 or so AgChat Foundation members and presenters, got together to learn, share, and get excited about ‘agvocating’ for our industry.  If you haven’t heard the term ‘agvocating’ it just makes sense.  Advocating for agriculture is the mission, social media is the vehicle.

I knew some about social media like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, blogging, etc., but the knowledge gained at this meeting from experts, and those who have become experts just out of their passion for agriculture, was incredible.  I have never returned from a conference with so much information I can put into use immediately to improve what I’m doing for my job and our family farm, share with other staff, and develop into guides for members.

By the second day, it felt like attendees were a family, and it was so great to ‘chat’ face to face with them, after meeting them online as colleagues working together for agriculture.  It was motivating to see the heartfelt dedication and passion of these people, and to know that this group, who share this commitment to a cause, can bring others into the fold, and assure the health and wellness of agriculture into the future.

Want to learn more?  Go to the AgChat Foundation website to start.  If you care about growing food, fiber, and fuel, join us all for #AgChat, 7pm -9pm CT on Twitter each 1st, 2nd, and 4th Tuesday of the month.  The third Tuesday is reserved for #FoodChat.


One Response to AgChat Foundation brings ag family together

  1. Janice says:

    I have to tell you that the feeling of community started so fast, it was thrilling! I’ve never been to a conference that came close in energy, purpose or connectivity! Great getting to know you a bit more, sorry we didn’t have much time to visit – I was a little ADD wanting to talk to EVERYONE! The pictures just do not do the story justice, but give a glimpse! I posted lots to my blog.

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