Common sense about local food

I’ve said it here before.  I love local food.  I can’t wait for Wednesdays and Saturday’s when I can travel to our town’s farmer’s market. When and where local food is available, it’s great.  But those who believe it is the ONLY path to eating ignore reality, or in some cases I’ve come across, lack a moral caring for their fellow humans, and don’t believe we should feed the Africa’s of the world (the argument was they should all plant ‘Victory Gardens’ in the desert to feed themselves).

Others understand you can’t feed everyone with a ‘local’ system, but rail on about the horrible destruction of conventional, modern agriculture.  In both cases, there is a gross lack of understanding of the advancement and environmental benefits of modern agriculture, and most of the arguments are either agenda-driven, or use 30-40 year-old data worthless to the argument.

Recently, I came across an editorial in the New York Times of all places, that does an excellent job of addressing food production, the general environmental impact, and even the carbon footprint of providing food for this hungry world.  I would suggest a quick read.  It’s common sense and reality in a public forum….finally.


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