Balance the views of Ohio video

The latest video that shows animal abuse in an Ohio dairy is tough to watch.  It’s brutal, and, well, crazy.   What I’m afraid will be just as crazy will be the hype and agenda-driven misuse of the video by animal rights extremists to try to damage the industry.  Extremists many times have success because I’ve learned over the years to not underestimate the ability of many in the general public to fall for the hype, and not take time to think for themselves.

I grew up on a farm and still work with farmers, including dairy owners huge and very small. No one would condone this kind of activity. Size is not the issue here, neither is veganism or other agenda-driven  propaganda.  This is a case of clear animal abuse and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law (and there are plenty of laws to deal with this).  You might add those who took the video.  How does anyone just stand by watching that abuse and not DO SOMETHING.

This video is no representation of the hundreds of thousands of dairy farms, regardless of size, around the country.  Keep perspective and lose the hype.   These people need dealt with in every way, but don’t try to ruin an industry over it.  This is not representative of the industry.  I don’t know a farmer in this country that would not stand up for the prosecution of those perpetrating this abuse.

These images will show what most dairy farmers do. They care deeply for their animals.


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