4-H issue a new warning sign?

I grew up in 4-H.  It was a great experience in my life.  The recent revelation that the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) was a presenter at the national 4-H conference just blew me away.

I have come to expect the Yellow Tail’s, Pilot Travel’s, Mary Kay’s, Sonic’s, Subway’s etc. and their misguided, or even innocent involvement, where education provided the opportunity for the organizations to look closer at what they’re doing, and thankfully, for many to choose to separate themselves from HSUS.

But 4-H?  How does that happen?  Are we really in an age where those who profess to ‘lead’ agriculture organizations don’t know better?  Are they naive?  Are they ignorant?  Are they wolves in sheep’s clothing?  If this is the best of who can be found to lead an organization like 4-H, then it posts a tremendous warning sign for agriculture.  Being attacked from the outside is one thing.  Having those in leadership positions in organizations such as 4-H allow attacks from within is beyond troubling.

I am very thankful that vehicles like social media, especially Twitter and Facebook, allow this type of action to be brought to the forefront in a timely manner.  I am pleased that many individuals, agriculture organizations, and local 4-H groups have stated their own concerns, and that the pressure is on the national 4-H officials.

Social media can play such an important part in addressing such issues and other attacks on agriculture, and it is crucial that those in agriculture understand this.  It’s why I would encourage everyone who cares about agriculture to tap into the AgChat Foundation.  It can be found at www.agchat.org and provides a plethora of information about how you can become a social media agriculture advocate (agvocate).  

The attacks on agriculture right now are unprecedented.  Don’t let the opportunity go by to do your part.  Your livelihood is honestly at stake.


2 Responses to 4-H issue a new warning sign?

  1. Mary Ann Saunders says:

    I have had folks ask where do I get the info that HSUS is misleading folks and not really doing the work of the real animal care Humane Societies.
    Where can we find the supporting evidence that gives HSUS actual goals?


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