The other side of “Food, Inc.”

It’s now a PBS television program, it’s been presented as ‘fact’ to the general public by many, at worst, agenda-driven, or one would hope, just misguided and uneducated groups and individuals, and it’s filled with inaccuracies.

I’m talking about the movie Food, Inc.  This movie is made by those who believe a one-size-fits-all agricultural system should be in place.  The problem is the program has a host of half-truths, errors and omissions.

I give a great deal of credit to the American Agri-Women, who took the time to compile a point by point myth vs. fact document about the film.  Anyone interested in truth and fairness should see this document, and understand that just because someone may put something on film, doesn’t mean they bothered to research the facts, or that they understand the agricultural industry.  Please click on the link above or click here.


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